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Hugh Lane Gallery and National Museum of Ireland, Portrait of a Nation: Art, Politics and the Anglo-Irish Treaty, 22-23 April 2022

Portrait of a Nation: Art, Politics and the Anglo-Irish Treaty

This conference, organised jointly by the Education departments of Hugh Lane Gallery and the National Museum of Ireland , takes its inspiration from the ‘Studio & State’exhibition, itself a collaboration between these two institutions, marking the centenary of the signing and ratification of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

This conference aims to explore the intersection between art and politics in the context of the birth of the new Irish state. The event brings together a broad range of speakers – historians, artists, writers and curators – to share, discuss and debate themes from the background to the signing of the Treaty in London in 1921 to its legacy and impact on ordinary Irish people; from questions around memory and trauma to the role of the artist as witness to history.


11.45am – 1.00pm The Artist as Witness

Logan Sisley – Chair

Niamh McCann – foreground, middleground, background

Amanda Dunsmore – Art making as Longitudinal Social Archiving

Anthony Haughey – Socially Engaged Art: Contesting Cultures, Histories and Narratives

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