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Sense of Place European Landscape Photography, BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels 2012

Sense of Place On landscape photography, region and identity curated by Liz Wells. Published July 17th 2012 by Prestel Publishing ISBN3791347454 (ISBN13: 9783791347455)

Sense of Place is a major exhibition of the new exhibition and publication. Landscape occupies a central position in the history of art in general and of photography in particular. How we see it today is affected by the ecological requirements of the post-industrial society. Concern for the future has led us to reconsider our individual relationships with the environment and to take a closer look at its place in our traditions and our history. Increasingly, we live less in the landscape than with it. Sense of Place looks at our relationship with the environment in the context of European photography. Presenting some 160 works by 40 photographers from every member country of the European Union, the exhibition demonstrates the diversity of the European landscape. Divided into three major geographical regions – northern, central, and Mediterranean Europe – the works show how the natural environment has helped to shape identities. The photographers show that Europe is not just a political zone, but also a place with personal meanings for every individual.

Participating artists: 
Per Bak Jensen (Denmark), Bruno Baltzer (Luxembourg), Elina Brotherus (Finland), Carl De Keyzer
(Belgium), Gerco de Ruijter (The Netherlands), Olafur Eliasson (Denmark), Gina Glover (United
Kingdom), Alexander Gronsky (Latvia), Ilkka Halso (Finland), Anthony Haughey (Ireland), Gerry
Johansson (Sweden), Flo Kasearu (Estonia), Bart Michiels (Belgium),Jackie Nickerson (Ireland),
Arturas Raila (Lithuania), Jem Southam (United Kingdom)
Pavel Banka (Czech Republic), Arion Gábor Kudász (Hungary), Andreas Gursky (Germany), Yenny
Huber (Austria), Peter Kostrun (Slovenia), Maros Krivy (Slovakia), Andreas Müller-Pohle (Germany),
Vesselina Nikolaeva (Bulgaria), Tudor Prisacariu (Romania), Szymon Roginski (Poland), Thomas
Weinberger (Germany)
Nigel Baldacchino (Malta), Pedro Cabrita Reis (Portugal), Marianna Christofides (Cyprus), Céline
Clanet (France), Gerardo Custance (Spain),Augusto Alves da Silva (Portugal), Joan Fontcuberta
(Spain), Irene Kung (Italy), Chrystel Lebas (France), Nikos Markou (Greece), Nicos Philippou
(Cyprus), Theodoros Tempos (Greece), Massimo Vitali (Italy)